Chapter Twenty-Eight: Exposed

Aveny was required to meet with both a social worker and a psychiatrist before they let Brand in. The psychiatrist was a kindly, albeit harried woman with brown hair and bright purple glasses who asked Aveny a series of questions. Had this ever happened before? “No.” (Yes.) Did she remember anything? “No.” (Yes – almostContinue reading “Chapter Twenty-Eight: Exposed”

Chapter Four: A Selkie Stirs

The dream clung heavily to the edges of Aveny’s psyche as she eased slowly into consciousness. Its remnants hung in thick milky webs, draped between her subconscious and alert state. She fought to maintain it, to remain adrift in oblivion. Unlike her recent nightmares, this had been a wonderful dream. She lingered for a longContinue reading “Chapter Four: A Selkie Stirs”