Driving in Italy – Don’t Stop

When we first moved to Italy, I was terrified to drive. People here drive very differently than they do in the States. It can seem unpredictable at best and downright lawless, well, most of the time. The first time you find someone driving straight at you in your lane, just to dart in between youContinue reading “Driving in Italy – Don’t Stop”

Making Perfume in Italy

I recently made my own perfume. Now, I’m not really a perfume person. I think the last time I even wore perfume was pre-pandemic and even then it wasn’t real perfume, just a cheap body mist that smelled like Christmas cookies. I’ve never had a signature scent or even a perfume bottle that wasn’t plastic.Continue reading “Making Perfume in Italy”


This morning, my son and I were walking across this big grassy area near our house. Daylight Savings just happened here in Italy on March 26th (not on the 12th like the States), so we’re back to dark mornings for the time being. The only light was the overhead glow of a few street lampsContinue reading “Tiggy-Winkle”

The Great Italian Skiing Adventure

My family and I love to ski. We haven’t gone since we moved to Italy 10 months ago, probably because there was so much else to do and the balmy weather made us forget it was even ski season. When we did remember, we couldn’t figure out how to get tickets online. Maybe it wasContinue reading “The Great Italian Skiing Adventure”