What’s a Selkie?

The Selkie is a symbol of wild freedom and exotic exploration – and in the Puget Sound, her name is Aveny.

“Uncharted Waters: A Selkie Story” is a contemporary take on the ancient Celtic legends. Selkie stories have long been told throughout the emerald isles of Ireland and Scotland, extending as far as Iceland and Scandinavia. These ancient myths tell of “seal folk,” seals with the ability to transform into humans.

These beings are exceptionally alluring, often causing the rare person fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to stumble across their path, to immediately fall madly in love with them. However, these love stories are generally ill-fated, as the Selkie is too in love with the sea to remain on land.

On occasion, someone manages to steal a selkie skin (also known as a selkie coat) thus forcing the Selkie to remain on land. In these cases, the couple often weds and has children, but the Selkie always longs for the sea.

Eventually, the Selkie manages to discover the hidden skin and, though they love their family, (s)he cannot resist the urge to return to the open sea, leaving heartbreak behind.

Selkie Stories & the Puget Sound Selkie

The old Celtic myths are just folktales, right? Maybe, maybe not. After all, behind every legend is an element of truth.

The Selkie Story is rediscovery of our ancestral myths, which like many of us, have migrated across the sea to new lands. Set in the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, Selkie Stories are built on the premise that not every Selkie is myth – and not every Selkie starts out that way.

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