Welcome to ExploryTales!

Hi! My name is Andrea. I’m a lifelong traveler, writer, creator, mom to three wonderful kids, married to my favorite adventure partner, and ex-pat living in Italy. I’m always looking for good travel tales and collaborative connections. Feel free to message me here.

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ExploryTales is dedicated to the explorer lifestyle; the adventures that thrill and define us, lessons learned along the way, and the joy of a life spent following your curiosity.

The ExploryTales credo is:

What does this mean?

  • Explore the world is pretty self-explanatory. Go! Adventure! Explore!
  • Explore within is the most important exploration of all – into the wild expanses of our own souls, hearts and minds; the journey to overcome fear and become a happier, wholer and more deeply fulfilled person.
  • Finally, create a richer, more vibrant life. Like any good explorer, we tell the tales and leave a roadmap for those who come behind us. We take all the beauty and wonder we’ve discovered out in the wide world and within, and we share it – through our words, our art, our music. We don’t keep it to ourselves. We spread the light that we follow.

Welcome, fellow ExploryTeller.

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