My name is Andrea. I’m a traveler, writer, creator, wife, mother, and American living in Italy. My greatest passion is to explore – the world, ideas and the often bizarre reaches of my own mind. I especially love finding humor in unexpected places.

I’m always looking for good collaborative connections. Feel free to message me here.


About Uncharted Waters: A Selkie Story:

I met Aveny in the deserts of Utah. It was an unlikely place to encounter a selkie, but life’s strange like that sometimes, especially when you’re on the road. We traveled together to Western Washington and along the way, she told me her story, which I later wrote down here.

It’s a tale (or “tail” if you’ll forgive the pun) of adventure and self-discovery. Perhaps just as importantly, it provides a rare inside view of modern day selkie life, which is quite different from the old selkie legends to which we are more accustomed. I am hopeful that this account may help shed some light on this largely elusive and remarkably unique population.


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