Travel Merit Badges

All kinds of crazy things happen when you’re traveling. They can be good, bad, and everywhere in between but one thing’s for sure – the more you travel, the more of these experiences you have. So I thought, why not commemorate them?

Hence, ExploryTales Travel Merit Badges.

The Rules (aka How It Works):

  1. Merit Badges can only be earned while traveling
  2. They should happen naturally, which means you can’t set out to do them, you just have to travel enough that they happen on their own (so don’t go trying to get lost, hurt or scammed, if that needs mentioning)
  3. Earning badges is on the honor system (so don’t lie about it and make it weird)

What do you do with them?

Whatever you want! All Merit Badges are available below. Download them to your phone. Print them out and hang them on the wall. Make them into stickers and cover your waterbottle.

Only one request – if you share them online or in real life, please credit Also, don’t sell or profit off of them. That would be a bummer.

So, how many travel merit badges do you have?

Completely Freak Out on a Trip
Keep Cool When Your Travel Partner Completely Freaks Out

Make a Meal from Random Items When You Can’t Find Real Food

Try the Local Food
Eat Something You Normally Wouldn’t
Regret Something You Ate
Drive in a Foreign Country
Drive in a Country that Drives on the Opposite Side of the Road
Travel by Plane
Travel by Train
Travel by Boat
Travel by Motorcycle
Experience a New Cultural Tradition
Speak to Someone in a Foreign Language
Totally Screw Up a Foreign Language
Get Scammed
Escape Danger
Get Hurt
Travel by Scooter
Get Totally Lost
Meet an Animal You’ve Never Seen in Real Life
Travel by Bike
Make a New Friend While Traveling
See Something So Beautiful It Makes You Cry
Stay in a Hostel
Use a Public Squat Toilet
Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Ride an Airboat
Visit One of the Wonders of the World
Get Totally Burned Out
Go Somewhere Really High
Go Somewhere Really Low
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