The Selkie Skin

Often seen as the source of their power, a selkie skin (also known as a selkie coat) is a precious thing. In traditional Celtic folklore, selkies would emerge from the sea in seal form, remove their selkie skin, reveal their human form, and proceed to bask in the summer sun.

The normal human lucky enough to witness this miraculous occurence could capture the selkie by stealing and hiding their selkie skin. Without the ability to return to the sea, the poor selkie would have no choice but to remain on land; with no other recourse, usually ending up marrying their captor (yikes). However, the selkie’s love for the sea never wavers and, eventually, they find their skin and flee back to the wild expanse of their true home, often leaving their captor heartbroken in the process.

All legends are rooted in truth but is this strange form of capture based on fact or fiction? What if the selkie’s ability to transform was more natural, like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly? And what if the removal of a selkie’s skin was a much darker and more terrible thing than anyone ever imagined while storytelling around the campfire?

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