The Art of Hesitation

Have you heard the saying, “She who hesitates is lost”? It’s one of those motivational phrases you see on energy bars or that your 14-year-old yells while you’re waiting to turn left into the arcade parking lot. It’s a pithy little phrase meant to inspire bold action. But like most oft-quoted snippets, it’s not alwaysContinue reading “The Art of Hesitation”

Chinese Breakfast: A Lesson in Compassion

“Would you like American or Chinese breakfast?” the flight attendant asked as we winged our way from New York to Thailand. “American,” my husband confidently pronounced. “Chinese,” I replied with a scoff. I hadn’t come all this way to eat the same thing sitting in my fridge back home. I’d come to embrace adventure –Continue reading “Chinese Breakfast: A Lesson in Compassion”

The Great Masonry Mystery of 2023

Have you ever noticed something so subtle you weren’t sure whether or not it had been there all along? My husband and I recently returned home from a decadent Italian lunch date, flipped on the foyer light, and noticed such a thing on our terracotta floors. It was an almost imperceptible lacy pattern, barely visibleContinue reading “The Great Masonry Mystery of 2023”

How Not to Get Away with Murder

I’ve been binge-watching “How to Get Away with Murder” on Netflix. This means I no longer sleep at night because I’m too busy figuring out how I’d evade incrimination in the same scenarios. The HTGAWM characters always pull it off, cool as cucumbers, but there’s one risk factor they don’t have: me. I am manyContinue reading “How Not to Get Away with Murder”