Have you ever had a secret so deep – even you didn’t know it?

When Aveny discovers an old seal skin tucked amongst the bric-a-brac of her grandmother’s attic, she realizes something is amiss. After all, what is her kindly, midwestern grandmother doing with a seal skin? Is that really ethical? Or even legal?!

Soon, the skin’s mysterious origin is the least of Aveny’s concerns. Strange occurrences start happening with increasing frequency, causing her to question her own sanity (which is especially concerning, considering what happened to her great aunt). But as the haunting nightmares and unexplainable occurrences accelerate, Aveny finds herself in a new and especially horrifying situation; she wakes one morning, not in the comfort of her own bed, but laying on a distant beach, clutching the sealskin, and *gasp* completely naked.

Grappling with the possibility that she has finally succumbed to the insanity that has plagued her family for generations, Aveny discovers something even more extraordinary; the seal skin is more than a politically incorrect family heirloom – it’s a Selkie skin, capable of transforming her into a mythological selkie. Or maybe she’s just crazy. Even she’s not sure which it is. And as she ventures deeper and further into the sea, she’s not even sure she cares.

But when a nearly fatal close-call lands Aveny in the hospital with no explanation and no alibi, she finds herself caught in her own web of lies. Her closely guarded secret threatens to tear her family apart. Aveny must choose whether to trade her newfound liberation for safety – or risk everything by following her heart into Uncharted Waters.

Are you ready to dive into the adventure?

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