A Selkie Story: The Series

Have you ever had a secret so deep, even you didn’t know it?

Aveny has.

The “Selkie Story” series follows Aveny’s journey as she unearths this secret, beginning with the discovery of a mysterious sealskin in her grandmother’s attic.

A series of strange (and nearly fatal) occurances leave Aveny grappling with questions. Is this unexpected item more than it seems? Could it actually be a mythological Selkie skin from her long-forgotten Celtic heritage? Or, is her family’s long history of mental illness finally resurfacing?

As she navigates this perilous reality, Aveny must discover her true identity, heal the cataclysmic rift in her ancestral past, and forge a new path for her increasingly unique family.

Set in the iconic waters and lands of Western Washington, the “Selkie Story” series is a modern-day reimaginging of ancient Celtic myth. In other words, it’s like Percy Jackson for grown-ass women who love adventure.

An American Selkie

The Selkie Story series was inspired by the breathtaking beauty and intriguing mystery of Western Washington, from its monolithic forests to the enchanting waters of the Puget Sound and Pacific coastline.

Puget Sound Selkie

Celtic Legend Reimagined

Selkie folklore dates back to ancient Ireland and Scotland, with tales of sealfolk who possess the ability to shed their seal skins and assume human form.

The Selkie Story series is a rediscovery of our ancestral myths, which (like many of us) have migrated across the ocean to new lands – repleate with new possibilities.

The old Celtic legends are just myths, right? Maybe, maybe not. After all, within every folktale is an element of truth.

Selkie Story Books

Uncharted Waters

When she discovers a seal skin tucked amongst the bric-a-brac of her grandmother’s attic, Aveny is surprised to say the least. But when she awakens one morning to find herself not in her own bed, but clutching the sealskin, soaking wet, and (gasp) naked on the rocky shore of Burfoot Beach, she realizes it’s more than just a politically incorrect family heirloom.

At first, the skin’s transformative Selkie power is wildly liberating. But a series of nearly fatal close calls, masked by a web of lies, soon threatens to tear her family apart. Aveny must choose whether to trade her newfound liberation for safety – or risk everything by following her heart into uncharted waters.

Aveny’s epic journey continues in book two of the Selkie Stories series. Torn between warring matrilineal ancestors, Aveny must choose which path to take, risking it all to save herself, her family, and generations to come.

About the Author

Andrea Culletto is a writer and public relations specialist currently living in Italy. She wrote the first two Selkie Story books while living in Centralia, Washington. She was inspired by the breathtaking majesty of Puget Sound, which echoed her family’s ancestral homelands of Ireland and Scotland.

Her writing has appeared in print and digital publications, including Live Happy MagazineMary Jane’s Farm magazineNisqually Valley NewsThe ChronicleMamalode magazine, Black Hills Bride magazine, The La Crosse Tribune, Exceptional Homes, Driftless Notes, Klutch Chronicle, La Crosse Magazine, Coulee Region Women MagazineLewisTalkWhatcomTalk, and LINK Magazine.

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