Today I took a break on the ski hill and just sat there in the snow, gazing out over the snow-covered, forested valley below. Thick, heavy snowflakes were cascading from the sky; the kind that catch in your eyelashes and weigh them down as if attempting to put you to sleep. It was quiet there, muffled by the thick blanket of snow and flurried atmosphere. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I was filled with an indescribable gratitude for the infinite blessing of simply being alive and present to witness this moment. It felt like God had summoned it just for me.

The clouds shifted, the sun pouring through a crack overhead. The snow ceased, for just a fraction of a breath; frozen crystals caught suspended in mid-air settled like glitter to the ground or extinguished mid-fall.

And then the clouds covered the sun, shifting the scene from its brief illumination back to a ethereal bluish hue. The snow resumed, this time sharper, more intense, a pointed hail blowing sideways on a cold new wind.

Protected as I was from the elements by layers of gear, I just sat there, relishing in the incredible, glorious beauty of it all. I need to take more moments like this. There are awe inspiring miracles all around, if we just take the time to see them.

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