Canceling Christmas

A few years ago, we made a radical decision for our family of five: canceling Christmas.

We aren’t a family of Scrooges. And we don’t embrace extreme self-denial. We just shifted priorities away from the often extravagant holiday celebrations to something we wanted more – memorable family travel experiences. Besides, we couldn’t help noticing that our kids’ haul of presents were inevitably abandoned or broken within months.

After much discussion, we settled on a plan. Every other year we would celebrate Christmas, with all the trappings. Alternating years, we would skip anything that cost money, and travel instead.

This arrangement still enables us to enjoy the uplifting message of Christmas – without the distracting commercial aspect.

The first year we skipped Christmas for a California Road trip with family visits, Disney and Harry Potter World. The following year, was traditional Christmas. And the year after that? Ten days in China – a truly phenomenal and memorable experience.

Canceling Christmas may seem extreme but it has enabled us to do what we care about most, and make memories that last.

Since we started, we’ve noticed our kids’ enjoyment of the holidays increasing. Because it doesn’t come every year, Christmas has become more special than ever.

Although, last year, our two oldest said they might want to swap Christmas for travel every single year. Now that’s a Christmas miracle.


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