Travel Merit Badges

ExploryTales Travel Merit Badges

Last week my family and I were on a roadtrip through Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar. As I gazed out the window at rolling hills, tiny white villages, and rocky seaside cliffs, I started thinking about all the weird and wild things that happen when you’re on the road. You enounter all kinds of wild, weird and wonderful experiences along the way. On that trip alone we met a tribe of wild Barbary macaques, got scammed by a fake parking attendant, got lost, ate a new kind of food, spoke to people in two foreign languages, climbed to the highest point in Gibraltar and ventured deep into two subterranean caves. It was weird, wild and wonderful – and everything in between. That’s why I love traveling so much.

When you travel, you experience stuff that just doesn’t happen when you’re in your home comfort zone. So I thought it would be fun to commemorate these experiences … and what better way to do so than with travel merit badges! Not the kind of merit badges you work to earn, but ones that represent the crazy and unique experiences you encounter naturally while out traveling.

So I started playing around and made these (just click the link to see):

ExploryTales Travel Merit Badges

These are for you, my traveling friends, whether you venture out often or just once in a while. After all, it’s kinda fun to think about all the weird and wonderful things we’ve “accomplished” throughout our traveling journeys. You can view and download your travel merit badges here.

And let me know – which ones have you “earned?”

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